Waste Recycling Management

  • Shabra strives to minimise waste as much as possible and have made a successful business strategy of viewing what people typically percieve as waste to be a resource commodity and in sourcing an end use for all materials that arrive to their reprocessing facilities.
  • Shabra prides itself in only sending muncipal waste from its own in-house canteen to landfill.
  • Through its innovative processes and continuted R&D, all waste collected or received into Shabra’s plant is either reprocessed on site or segregated and sent to other reprocessing facilities resulting in 0% going to landfill.
  • Shabra have installed their own water treatment unit to re-use the same water in their post consumer bottle washing plant, to ensure that minimal water resources are consumed in their processes.
  • Through continued R&D, Shabra aim to harvest rain water to further reduce their water consumption and also to harness thermal energy to increase energy efficiency in the plant.