Benefit Your Business

Lets work together to:

  • Ensure you obtain best prices for your Plastic & Waste Collection materials
  • Improve your material quality
  • Reduce your costs with Waste Management
  • Generate Wealth & Maintain Jobs in Ireland with Waste Reprocessing
  • Improve Irish Economy

Lets grow together:

  • Accept varied volumes to meet your requirements & can accomodate growth
  • Faster Turnaround from stock to cash
  • Reduce your stock holding and admin costs
  • Remove cost, inconvenience & risks associated with tendering load by load

We provide:

  • Detailed Reports
  • Recycling Certs

We are recogised by:

  • Repak
  • EPA
  • DOE
  • Local Authorities

We are your Single Contact Point:

  • Maintain strong, clear communication link
  • Pro-active agreements
  • Secure your pricing
  • Maintain & Grow long term