Oliver Brady was the co founder and a driving force behind Shabra. Helping to build us to the multi million-turnover company we are today. Oliver was as Rita described him, “An ordinary man with an extraordinarily unique personality”.

Oliver believed in people and in building a team and was quick to share the plaudits of shabra’s success with the people he worked with. There are many quotes one could use to describe Oliver, this one seems especially apt: “ A truly great man knows he did not become great by himself, and will share the credit with those who had a part in making him what he is”.

Oliver's legacy lives on everyday in Shabra.

CEO- Shabra Group

Rita Shah is the founder & CEO of Shabra Plastics & Recycling Limited, the first plant of its kind in Ireland for recycling, reprocessing of waste plastics and manufacturing of plastic bags from waste collected in Ireland.