Plastics Bottle & Film Reprocessing

Helping Companies reduce their waste and Carbon Footprint
Shabra continuously work with their customers to assist them in minimising their waste production and also in the most efficient, best practice methods of segregating, preparing and storing their waste to maximise reprocessing capabilities of that waste.

We offer all our customers a unique service such as plastics film reprocessing whereby when we deliver finished goods, we can collected their waste for reprocessing and take it back to our facilities for recycling in the same run, thus reducing their costs and carbon footprint. Where quantities warrant it, we offer a curtainsider to the customer to store their waste and once filled, we will replace the curtainsider with another empty.

Right from the start, Shabra has been commited at all times to ensuring that waste plastics were recovered as much as possible, segregated into various plastic types i.e. PET, LDPE, HDPE etc.

Shabra strive to produce a quality end product rather than baling up Irelands waste and shipping it abroad for another country to deal with. We are continuously striving to improve our processes and recyclate quality with the aim of achieving food grade material which has an even higher demand from the market and can command the closest price to virgin material possible.

We accept a wide variety of materials for reprocessing including:

– Plastics –