Message from Rita & Oliver

Rita Shah
Oliver Brady 








Dear All,

At Shabra we like to speak our minds openly. We are quite happy to talk about our success with quality awards & qualifications. We do not mean to be boastful or arrogant. We only want to say that we mean business. That’s business not just for us: it’s also for the people with whom we do business. To put it simply, we know that quality makes a difference, and it’s what we specialize in.

In our field there is no one better in Ireland, simply because there is no one doing exactly what we do. Our suppliers & our clients know this too, and it’s why both of those categories are constantly growing.

Ours is a family philosophy, & we invest in people because they are our single biggest asset. They have made us who we are by their own work, & their belief that what we do is something bigger than each of us individually.

We are proud to be Ireland’s only recycling, plastic reprocessing, manufacturing & supply company.

We are determined to drop the volume of unrecycled waste in Ireland. We see that there is a better, more resourceful way to do business.
We encourage the entrepreneurial spirit. We believe that all business is connected, & that by activating the connections we are encouraging growth. Our client list testifies to what we say.

We have a dream: one day we shall stand as a perfectly-formed example of what recycling and reprocessing waste plastics can achieve. Our dream is to be nothing short of the finest of European recycling plants.