Education is the Key to Success
Shabra has supported local school recycling competitions and accomodates school tours of the facility to increase awareness of the environmental requirements and benefits of recycling.

We feel that packaging waste is being lost to landfill, as some perfectly recyclable waste packaging is being put in the wrong bin by commercial industries and householders who do not realise the importance and benefit of recycling waste and also through householders putting unrecyclabe materials and food waste (such as vegetable oil in plastic bottles) into the recyclable bins thus heavily contaminating otherwise recyclable materials leaving it difficult for collectors to find suitable end reprocessors of the waste materials. Shabra try to address this problem by visiting commercial customers to discuss their procedures and processes for recycling and also by providing school tours of their facilities, showing students and teachers the full reprocessing cycle and educating them on the correct method of segregation for recycling.

Waste Development Programme
Shabra are also committed to supporting the Dept of Environment and RPS in their Waste Development programme in every way possible to improve Irelands overall plastic collection and reprocessing capabilities and facilities. To view more information on this programme visit