Local Authorities

Post Consumer Bottle Recycling Solutions
We are proud of our Bottle Bank Recycling continued partnership with local authorities. Since 2002, when together with a neighbouring local authority, we commenced one of the first post consumer bottle bank pilot schemes in Ireland which has enjoyed continued success and support in the area. We empty these bottle banks on a planned weekly schedule, servicing some of the busier sites, two or three times per week and this schedule is reviewed and updated on a continuous basis to ensure that all the sites are serviced in the most efficient manner possible and to avoid any environmental issues caused by overflow or litter in the area.

The lorry used to collect the bottles has an enclosed body with a specially adapted door in the roof to allowing it to open when bank is to be emptied into it and to close again immediately afterwards, thus ensuring no waste can escape whilst the vehicle is in transit. We also have policy in place, whereby we will empty the plastic bottle banks at any site which may be unexpectantly full in between scheduled visits, as soon as possible after being informed either directly by the council or members of the public – usually same day or following morning at the very latest.

Once the lorry is full, it delivers the bottles straight to our sorting and reprocessing facilities in Castleblayney, where the waste bottles are turned into a high value end product for use in production of products such as fibre for manufacturing fleeces, carpets and also making rPET for deli containers.

Shabra tends to measure up favourably against their national and worldwide competition, when local authorities factorise their green procurement, cost efficiencies and traceability procedures for their tenders. Our unique service and state of the art reprocessing facilities offers clear transparent traceability of the recycling process and minimilizes the carbon footprint of the local authorities incurred in the collection and reprocessing of these bottles.

Since this first collaboration, we have been approached by and work with various other local authorities to assist them in planning, implementation and servicing of their own plastic Bottle Bank Recycling systems in their localities. If you would like to discover how Shabra can help you with your specific post consumer bottle recycling responsibilities and targets, please